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Department of Nutrition and Health Education.

Type of Services:

  • Diet management for all indoor patients including ICU / CCU - Supervision of diet preparation and service of the same in accordance with the clinical and nutritional needs of the individual patients , including monitoring and follow up.
  • Diet advice to OPD patients- DM, NDM, GDM, and patients with other complicants(obeity, underweight, CKD, CLD, Govt etc. )
  • Participation in Quality assurance of all raw materials / consumables / food items. procured for hospital Kitchen for diet preparation. Ensure required hygenic level of diet and kitchen.
  • Lectures (1 hour daily)- councelling about diet and nutrition issues to OPD patients daily as part of routine awareness program.
  • Weekly councelling class for obese patients.

Education camp and workshop :

  • Lecture delivered by head of the department for one educational camp and workshop for young diabetic subjects
  • Attended workshop on 07.07.11 at BIRDEM. Sub: Pre- operative nutritional management in bariatric surgery.
  • Attended workshop on child health education program.
  • Attended workshop on CDIC program.
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