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Frequently Ask Questions (About Diabetes) :

Q1. What is Diabetes ?

Q2. What causes diabetes ?

Q3. What are the different types of diabetes ?

Q4. What are the Symptoms of Diabetes ?

Q5. How is diabetes managed ?

Q6. How can I know if I have diabetes ?

Q7. Can diabetes be cured ?

Q8. What should my blood sugar level be ?

Q9. What are the symptoms of low blood sugar ?

Q10. Can I take both pills and insulin to control my blood sugar ?

Q11. What are insulin pumps ?

Q12. How can I monitor the development and progression of diabetic complications ?

Frequently Ask Questions (For Patients) :

Q13. How do I find a Doctor?

Q14. How do I make an appointment?

Q15. How do I schedule test and out patient procedure?

Q16. How do I get Diabetic Investigation?

Q17. What are the department and services?

Q18. What are the emergency numbers?

Q19. Do You have LAB?

Q20. Who can I call for help in the hospital during odd hour or holidays?

Q21. Do I need to register?

Q22. What are the service for corporate clients?

Q23. Who do I contact with billing query?

Q24. What kind of food service is offered?

Q25. Is there a pharmacy on hospital campus?

Q26. Is there self parking zone?

Q27. Where can I make any enquiries?

Q28. Where can I give my feedback or complaints?

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